Dr Belinda Board

  • CEO & Founder

Belinda is an Associated Fellow of the British Psychological Society, with a doctorate in clinical psychology, postgraduate degrees in Organisational and Forensic Psychology and a Ph.D. in leadership behaviours and workplace well-being. As a leading psychologist and executive coach to the business world, Belinda blends her deep psychological expertise with 20 years’ experience of working with business leaders around the globe, to enable deep and sustainable growth of psychological capabilities that are critical for individuals and organisations to thrive and succeed. Belinda has built up extensive experience in the design and delivery of global end-to-end talent management solutions. She is a global specialist in organisational transformation, behaviourally-anchored assessment, executive coaching, strategic thinking, cultural diversity, psychometric tool design and leadership development. Belinda's research into leadership behaviours and workplace well-being has been published in a variety of peer-reviewed journals. She is currently engaged with the University of Surrey and Florida Atlantic University on joint research projects that are investigating workplace well-being and leadership potential respectively. 

To see a short clip where Dr Belinda Board summarises her research on psychopathic behaviours in senior executives click here.

Read some of Belinda's published research:

Board, B.J., & Brown, J. (2011). Barriers and enablers to returning to work from long-term sickness absence: Part 1-A quantitative perspective. American Journal of Industrial Medicine, 54(4), 307-24. Download here.

Board, B.J., & Fritzon, K. (2005). Disordered personalities at work. Psychology, Crime and Law, 11(1), 17-32. Download here.