Identifying Talent

At peoplewise, we believe that identifying talent is about measuring capabilities to predict potential. 

While getting the right people in the right jobs is important, it is only a starting point for creating an organisational culture in which talent discovery acts as a foundation for long-term business growth. The peoplewise approach to identifying talent involves understanding an organisation's business strategy and its short and long-term goals, to inform the development of a talent management strategy that leverages the talent of today and tomorrow. 

The first step is to co-create a talent management strategy, which defines what “good” looks like within the specific organisational context. This knowledge is used to select the right people, and identify high potential employees within the wider talent pool. We draw on our wider expertise in talent profiling and benchmarking to assess the relative strength of different talent populations. Some of our key measures for doing this include our world-class assessment and development centres.